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Concrete Surface Cleaning

At Elegant Estates, we’re more than a company that offers paver cleaning, pressure washing, and roof washing. For over 20 years we have been dedicated to installing beautiful hardscape surfaces.  We came to realize that there was no one to properly clean and care for these surfaces.  Click here to learn more about our journey to becoming a pressure washing contractor.

Being able to properly care for concrete surfaces means that you must understand the life cycle of concrete and the surrounding environment.  Washing concrete is much more than just hitting the surface with pressurized water.  It is a balance between variables such as concrete type, age, and location as well as high tech surface cleaning equipment and intimate knowledge of the appropriate detergents, degreasers, surfactants, etc.

We have the ability to heat water on demand for any of those stubborn oil and grease stains and can reclaim gray water which benefits our environment when we are washing in areas where storm drains are present.

Being located in Lansing, NY provides us the ability to service clients that live in and around the cities or towns of Ithaca, Lansing, Aurora, Skaneateles, Cortland, Auburn, and Binghamton, NY.

– Our Cleaning Equipment –

Paver wash rig

Elegant Estates custom wash rig for paver cleaning, concrete cleaning, and power washing


When we show up on your site to clean your paver or concrete project, give just one glance at our equipment and you will realize how serious we are about the cleaning process. Our paver, asphalt, and concrete cleaning process involve mechanically cleaning concrete using specialized equipment that won’t damage the surface of the concrete. Other companies may offer a high-pressure cold water wash using a wand that can expose the coarse aggregate of your concrete and thereby reducing the quality of it.

Our power washing equipment is custom-built for our specific needs.  It enables us to:

  • regulate water pressure
  • Use steam / hot water / cold water depending on your cleaning requirements
  • Custom blend detergents (if needed)
  • Vac the dirty water as washing is completed (also depending on your needs)
  • Recycle water during your wash to reduce water consumption

With 400 gallons of onboard water capacity, most projects can be completed without requiring the use of a lot of household water.  This is especially welcomed by our clients who draw their water from wells. Our wash equipment allows us to be environmentally friendly and comply with EPA regulations. Failure of contractors to comply puts the homeowner at risk for governmental fines if they are found in violation of the Clean Water Act.

Patio Surface Cleaning

Paver patio cleaning using our surface cleaners and 200-degree on-demand hot water

Our surface cleaners have multiple high-speed spinning wash bars that eliminate any “tiger striping” that you get with all traditional pressure wash contractors using hand wands. Having the ability to vac the gray water also is a benefit for our clients as there is not an abundance of water running into unwanted areas. The ability to create steam and hot water on demand, when required, in order to deal with the most stubborn cleaning tasks is not a problem.  Pre-treating and post-treating are done for some of the following:

  • Fertilizer stains
  • Rust Stains
  • Oil Stains
  • Grease Stains
  • Wine Stains 

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