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When we arrive for your house wash, we will take a walk around and document the current condition of your home.  We then proceed to prepare the structure for its wash by taping off, or covering all of your vulnerable electrical components.  This can include items such as exposed outlets, lighting that is compromised, or door bells. We also ask, when possible, that the power to exterior lighting is shut off before we arrive.

House Wash Preparation

We use a proprietary mix of house wash detergents and surfactants depending on the needs of your home.  Our detergents are applied from the bottom up and will work quickly to kill and remove what is growing on your exterior. They will also work to emulsify objects like cobwebs and soils for easier removal.

House Wash Detergent Application

Once your home is clean, we apply special neutralizer which deactivates the effects of the house wash detergent on your surface. This agent helps to protect your plants and other sensitive objects around and on your home and is environmentally friendly!

House Wash Detergent Neutralization

You can learn more about our soft washing process here.

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