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Do you already have a hardscape that is in reasonable condition?  Consider a free consultation to determine if your existing pavers can be repaired or restored.  A restoration can save you substantial money. Restoration is a great service for those homeowners who are happy with their existing paver or flagstone surfaces and just need to have them revived!  You can choose from a variety of packages below that may suit your needs.

Our paver restoration includes the following:

  • Deep cleaning of your surface
  • Disinfection of the surface (if needed)
  • Removal of joint material
  • Removal of surface and joint weeds and moss
  • Drying of surface
  • Reinstatement of joint sands using high-quality polymeric sands
  • Terms and conditions apply

For more information on our restoration services click here.

To calculate approximately how much your restoration work will cost use our restoration calculator!


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