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Power & Pressure Washing

Power Washing HouseMost people take a lot of care with the inside of their home, but many aren't sure what to do about the outside of their home. Of course, you can pick up trash and debris, but what do you do about cleaning surfaces? The best way to do that is with power washing, but using a power washing machine is hard work, and it's very easy to cause damage if you do it incorrectly. That's why it's important to let a professional like Elegant Estates do the work for you. With our home base in Lansing, NY we focus on offering excellence in power washing to customers in and around Lansing, Ithaca, Cortland, Auburn, Skaneateles and Binghamton NY.

Using our power washing service for your home comes with a number of benefits. A thorough power washing can help to maintain the integrity of your home which helps to protect your greatest investment. Also, hiring us means that you don't have to do the work yourself, which saves you time and energy! Furthermore, power washing can even provide health benefits by removing allergens such as pollen, mold and mildew from your exterior surfaces and help to disinfect surfaces which is especially beneficial when it comes to playground washing.

Power Washing Equipment

Elegant Estates Custom Built Power Washing Rig

 - Our Equipment -

Elegant Estates has the ability to either pressure wash or power wash any item requiring cleaning.  While pressure washing and power washing sounds like the same service, there is an important distinction. Both pressure washers and power washers create a powerful stream of water, power washers allow the operator to heat the water upon demand. Also, other variables to consider are the flow of the machine, and whether detergents can be used to clean with.  

We offer both pressure washing and power washing services to residential and commercial clients using a high flow power washer that allows us to regulate water temperature, flow, pressure, and detergents. Our equipment renders results that our competitors with DIY machines simply cannot compete with.

When you hire Elegant Estates, you can be sure that we will assess your individual needs and provide the appropriate level of service. You can also be confident that our work will be safe and environmentally friendly, as our processes and equipment are EPA compliant with the Clean Water Act. Being EPA compliant also helps to reduce your liability versus other traditional wash contractors.



- What We Clean -

Some of the items that we can clean include (but are not limited to):

  • Homes and Businesses

  • Siding (Soft Wash)

  • Roof Shingles (Soft Wash)

  • Poured Concrete

  • Asphalt

  • Tennis Courts (Soft Wash)

  • Playgrounds

  • Pavers or Brick Work (Patios, etc.)

  • Stone Veneer

  • Foundations

  • Equipment

  • Buildings and Structures

  • Garden Statuary

  • Retaining Walls and Stonework

  • Decks (Wood & Composite)

  • Fences 

For your pressure washing needs, call Elegant Estates. We provide top-notch work and excellent customer service. Please consider contacting us soon as our wash season books rapidly!  Please also consider subscribing to our blog on this site, Get Property Smart!  GPS is designed to educate and help customers navigate the world of property enhancement, maintenance, and contractor selection.

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