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Restoration Package Terms and Conditions:

  • Packages pricing is available in select areas only. Additional fees may apply for installation outside of our typical service area.
  • All packages and pricing are subject to site verification.
  • Packages are priced for deep cleaning, joint material removal, and re-jointing with high-quality polymeric sand.
  • Stone, paver, and wall clock repair, if needed, will be billed extra.
  • The sealing of concrete surfaces and paver surfaces are priced separately.
  • Pricing assumes that the area is accessible to equipment. Projects that are outside of our reach will not be eligible for package pricing and will be subject to additional charges.
  • Packages assume that project areas are set in a safe location.
  • Any deep cleaning or wash work that is required above and beyond the package pricing will be quoted on site and billed extra when agreed upon.
  • The client must be the owner of the home at which the property is located.
  • Restoration/wash pricing assumes that we will have access to your municipal water source. Any job sites located in an area where well water is present only will be subject to a $75 additional hauling fee per 400-gallon tank.
  • All projects are subject to sales tax.
  • The project is quoted, completely detailed, and will require a signature and down pay before work commences.
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