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“If you are a fan of HGTV’s Holmes on Holmes, you no doubt have this great desire to renovate coupled with a heavy dose of fear when it comes to hiring a contractor. We knew that recreating our walkways and retaining walls in a professional manner was beyond our skill sets and it would be a stretch of our financial resources. Therefore, getting it done right by a professional at an affordable (which does not mean cheap) price was our goal when we started looking around for someone to do the job. When you talk to any contractor, he’ll tell you why he is the best. We selected Chris and Elegant Estates to handle our project because those who used Chris before us sold us on Chris and Elegant Estates and the quality work that they do. When we went to talk to Chris, we knew we had made the best, informed choice we could make. From Day 1, Chris was totally up front with us on the products, what was involved in the installation, and the pricing. When surprises came up, as they always do, he talked to us immediately so we could choose what to do. As the project progressed and we wanted to make changes, he accommodated us. We worried about nothing and Chris and his crew took care of everything from breaking ground to cleaning up and fixing up afterwards. And when they finished, Elegant Estates did not disappear. Chris was back checking to make sure things were right and we were happy with the finished product. So if you want your hardscapes done professionally and with you feeling confident that your money is well spent on quality work and materials, Chris and Elegant Estates are the way to go.”

-Doug & Sue P.
Dryden, NY

“We used Elegant Estates Landscaping in the late fall of 2011. We loved the fact that you can go out and visit the location, to look at multiple stone walks and walls, already set, to help you make your decisions. We found this to be very useful, unique and important. When it came time to design our Walkway and front stoop, Chris was very helpful, always listening to our wants and needs and making suggestions in areas that could be better looking, more functional, or safer. The work done was at a very high quality, and a very reasonable price and we would use Elegant Estates again, for any future projects. We’ve already gotten many compliments on the finished project and referred the people that needed work to Chris.”

-Scott & Susie P.
Ithaca, NY

“When we rebuilt after our house burned down, we were left with acres of dirt, mud and stones. We contacted 5 landscapers for quotes and while Elegant Estates may not have been the cheapest, we do not regret for a moment that we went with them. Their plan encompassed everything we wanted and more including a front walkway and 2 back patio sections connected by a bridge over the water feature. We were highly impressed with their professionalism and friendliness; they explained things to us on a daily basis. The completed project far exceeded our expectations. We wholeheartedly recommend Elegant Estates for any landscaping project whether large or small.”

-Miriam & Randy K.
Scipio Center, NY

“If there is one important point about a designer, it is that he or she listens to their customer and then turns what is often a haphazard and contradictory laundry list of wants into a beautiful design. Chris is such a designer. He listened to what I hoped to achieve from a hardscape design and paired that with a design that worked with the physical area. Not only is his design work outstanding, but Chris is a hands on owner. He was personally involved in the installation every day. His prep work of the area prior to paver installation was the mark of a true professional. Not only did Chris exhibit high professional standards, but his entire crew exhibited the same. At no point in the process did I feel that I could not approach Chris or a member of his crew and ask a question or seek clarification. I look forward to working with Elegant Estates over the ensuing years for all of my landscape needs.”

-Kim T.
Ithaca, NY

“Elegant Estates added a beautiful patio to our home. It was wonderful to work with the Elegant Estates crew to design an area we will be proud to share with friends. We had an idea of the area we wanted covered and working with Chris was a pleasure to develop a plan that is exactly what we had hoped for and more. It was a relationship where we presented ideas and Chris built on that and made it better. The precision and attention to detail of their work was amazing. Their work ethic could not be improved. Chris and his crew were always on time, put in extra hours and left the entire area clean. We highly recommend Elegant Estates for any landscaping work.”

-Charlie & Alice A.
Cortland, NY

“These guys were a pleasure to work with from day one. Took time out of their days several times to meet with us whether it be to look at layouts at the office, review plans or answer everyday questions. The plan and contract were adhered to exactly as written. Chris, Dan and the crew did a fantastic job building the wall from base to top as well as building a strong foundation for a paver sidewalk. There was much work to complete considering the amount of soil that had to be removed and replaced to construct the wall with the structural integrity the company requires. They worked into the dark most nights and had the job complete in 2 weeks (just before the snow flew). They will return in the spring to ensure that the grass seed they planted takes and to make sure the yard is left as they found it. Chris found that he had underestimated on material when he completed the contract however this did not affect the bottom line. The price was the price. They definitely weren’t the cheapest outfit around but watching them work, I knew I got what I paid for. These walls are reinforced to the max and I have no doubt they will last for many years. Thanks guys for entertaining us on this venture and putting up with our daily questions and concerns before, during and after the job.”

-Joe & Abby C.
Cortland, NY

“I rarely write testimonials, but in the case of Chris Negley and Elegant Estates I could not decline. From the moment I started working with Chris he treated my property like his own. I told him I would love for my lawn to be the one in the neighborhood that everyone passing by would say, “I wish my lawn looked like that!”. My lawn does look like that now! It is lush, green and beautiful! Every time spring rolls around (takes while in Ithaca) I cannot wait to see the grass coming up! Chris has also helped me plant multiple trees, design/install two new beds in the front and back of my house. The beds look GREAT and everything has been maintained on an annual basis with the utmost care. Last, but not least, Chris helped install a new front walkway and back patio. My husband and I were able to visit his place of business and select our pavers of choice. His guidance was fantastic and we were 150% satisfied with the job that was done. His staff was hard working, extremely professional and treated the work they were performing as if it was their own business. Based on owning my own business for 16 yrs I had a great appreciation of the commitment his staff had to Chris and the work they were doing. I look forward to my continuation of a wonderful relationship with Chris Negley and Elegant Estates for years to come!”

-Hope R.
Lansing, NY

“We were looking to have an old timber retaining wall and steps replaced with a manufactured stone structure and contacted 3-4 landscape companies for estimates and ideas. Elegant Estates was not among the cheapest quotes we received, but they provided the most information about what they would do, what materials should be used, and how it was necessary to design into the project various features that would ensure a high-quality, long-lasting structure. Our project was relatively complex, and Chris sat down with us and went over his proposal in great detail. He was very professional, thorough, friendly, and easy to work with. Ultimately, it was his commitment to detail and professionalism that convinced me that it was worth the extra expense to ensure I ended up with a structure that was attractive, functional, and would last. Chris was also extremely helpful in assisting us find and install a steel railing to run along the top of the wall and down the steps. He offered to work directly with the railing contractor to ensure that the wall and steps were built to accommodate the railing. This saved me considerable hassle, and the end product looks just as I had hoped. I have had several contractors perform various work on my home over the years, and more than once I have been disappointed in the quality of workmanship and client responsiveness despite being willing to pay a little more for what I thought would be better work. I had no such disappointment with Elegant Estates. Chris and his crew were attentive to my needs and concerns, and we are very pleased with their work. I highly recommend them for any landscaping needs.”

-Kurt J.
Ithaca, NY

“The design and craftsmanship provided by Elegant Estates is unsurpassed and exceeded our expectations. Our yard has been transformed over the past 2 years with them. The team is highly motivated, skilled, trustworthy and professional. We recommend Elegant Estates to everyone without reservation.”

-Leslie H.
Ithaca, NY

“I contacted Elegant Estates along with several other companies to give me an estimate on having a new walkway installed as well as landscaping and a retaining wall. While some of the other estimates were competitive, it was clear that Elegant Estates had far more knowledge in both their product and installation procedures. Given that I was re-doing the walkway and retaining wall because they were installed poorly the first time, I really wanted it done correctly and professionally this time. Chris and Mike were amazing in their knowledge about the products that I was interested in. Obviously, I chose Elegant Estates and now I have an AMAZING walkway, retaining wall and stoop (and landscaping too!) They are a great blend of perfectionism and professionalism. Also they totally accommodated my every concern. I love their enthusiasm, attitude, and ability. Other companies have some great pictures and literature, but start talking to them about guarantees and installation techniques and suddenly they are completely mute! I will (and have) used them again. If you need hardscaping in particular, you would be foolish to go with the cheapest company. Go with the most knowledgeable and professional company – Elegant Estates.”

-Mary W.
Ithaca, NY

“Elegant Estates conducted a rather extensive paving and landscaping project for us. They replaced our driveway with a paver drive that included a redesigned entry area for the front of the house, and re-landscaped most of the front yard. They also installed a wooden rail fence and resolved a drainage issue that had been causing a problem with the front lawn. We worked closely with Chris and Mike during the design process and throughout the installation as we resolved unexpected issues as they evolved. Everyone we worked with showed interest in our plans and needs, and a willingness to respond to changes as the project proceeded. The project was completed in a timely and efficient manner, with great attention to detail and to producing a finished look. The on-site work crew was professional and personable and took great pride in the appearance of the completed project. The work has given our house a new, fresh look, and many neighbors have complimented us on its appearance. We were completely satisfied with the entire project, and strongly recommend Elegant Estates for paving, stonework and landscaping projects.”

-Robert K.
Ithaca, NY

“When we decided to have two walks installed, my husband and I knew we wanted a perfect job. We contacted three contractors; one of them being Elegant Estates. My interactions with Elegant Estates have always been positive. Chris and his staff are dependable, committed, and professional in every way. The service they provided was timely and they stand behind their work. The products are of high quality and the pricing is competitive. Without hesitation I highly recommend Elegant Estates, knowing that they are capable of providing the highest level of service.”

-Joy E.
Cortland, NY

“In considering our retaining wall/walkway project, we asked several contractors for quotes. Chris at Elegant Estates provided a plan with a good level of detail, but with enough built-in flexibility for us to make small changes as the work progressed. Chris helped us make sense of the many choices in wall block and pavers. We had the feeling that the customer really mattered. When the work got started we knew right away that we’d chosen the right contractor. Dan and the rest of the crew were prompt, friendly and took time to answer our questions as they worked. We’re very pleased with the end result – a beautiful and functional retaining wall and pathway, which add a finished look to our sloped backyard. We would recommend Elegant Estates for any hardscape/landscape job.”

-Margaret E.
Virgil, NY

“When we started our planning process for the front of our home we had a vision of what we wanted to accomplish as far as a walkway and landscaping. Or we thought we did! We contacted Elegant Estates along with several other companies for estimates and to listen to their suggestions and expertise. We kept coming back to Chris at Elegant Estates. His knowledge and professionalism was what we were looking for in a company. Chris took the time to educate us about the entire process of their products and installation. Their staff was marvelous – very personable. They paid attention to our needs and concerns and truly were perfectionists when it came to their work. We enjoyed watching the entire process from beginning to end. We wanted simple but elegant – and that is what we received from Elegant Estates. We are so pleased each time we come home and see the new entrance for our home. We would highly recommend Elegant Estates to anyone – which we have done so.”

-Ray and Carol D.
Dryden, NY

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